Dank 'n' Later Feminised Seeds - 7

Dank Genetics
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Dank 'N' Later is another hybrid strain from Dank Genetics that exploits this breeders contacts with breeders in the U.S. Created by crossing Now N Later with Dank Sherbert produces an indica-dominant plant that perfectly displays all of the best attributes of both her parent strains.

Dank, fruity flavours from the fruity chew candy genetics of Zkittlez-based Now N Later are accompanied by a creaminess from the Dank Sherbert in the cross. These popping flavours are complemented by a rare and heavy potency that seems to be prevalent in all of Dank Genetics’ strains.

Dank 'N'later is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, with indoor flowering times of 8-10 weeks with stocky, vigorous plants producing larger than average yields.