How to easily store your Cannabis Seeds

Collecting cannabis seeds is fun and easy. You don’t need massive amounts of space like some other collections and hobbies require and you can rest assured your home has the potential to preserve your cannabis seeds for many years to come.

Nothing last forever but under the right conditions cannabis seeds can last a very long time. With this in mind its worth remembering that seeds will deteriorate over time so its worth taking the time to make sure your seeds are stored in the optimum conditions so they last as long as possible.

Before discussing the best ways to store your seeds, its worth noting that trying to freeze your seeds in not a good idea and could easily kill your seeds. Home freezers don’t get cold enough and the seeds require several layers of protection from water and oxygen.

People have had good results storing cannabis seeds in an airtight container in a home fridge for over a decade. The container should be fully airtight and contain no moisture to ensure best protection to the seeds.

While using a fridge might sound like a good idea its probably not necessary for most people as seeds stored in a cool dark place will likely keep good for many months.

It's a good idea to keep your seed packs in an air/water tight container just in case any fall out of the retail packs. Keep this container in a cool kitchen cupboard and your seeds will be well protected.

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