What's the best way to store Weed?

Now, more so than ever, people are going out less and less so it is definitely worth considering solutions to store Cannabis properly to minimize unnecessary trips. If properly stored Cannabinoids can remain stable for up to two years! 

It's important to consider a number of factors that can degrade your high grade so let's look at the most common problems. 


At higher temperatures Cannabis buds are known to dry out and there is a significant impact on the Terpenes, which can result in a harsher smoke and a terrible flavour. Also it's worth factoring in that things like Mold & Mildew that are known to thrive at temperatures around 25-30 Degrees Celsius so it's important to store your Cannabis below this temperature. 

Simply storing in a cool, dark place is not necessarily the answer either, especially if you are considering the Fridge or the Freezer! Storing in the fridge will increase the moisture content (see below) and the freezer will cause the Trichomes (the small hairs etc on your flowers which contain many of the fantastic aromas) to loose some of their strength. 


Mold is the enemy here and simply put Mold love moisture! Having said that if your weed gets too dry in can cause problems for the Terpenes & the Cannabinoids. It's all about a good balance so bare in mind the humidity of your chosen storage solution. There are wide range of products on the market that offer humidity control such as the Boveda Humidity Control Pack 

Your herbs will keep fresher and retain flavour for much longer if the relative humidity levels are both precise and constant. Boveda Humidipacs ensure two-way function using reverse osmosis membranes and then either absorb or release moisture, depending on whether the material to be conserved is too dry or too moist, thus maintaining a constant level for your herbs. This membrane does not allow for the transmission of the natural salts contained within.


Light is probably one of the most important things to consider as it can have such a drastic effect on the degradation of the Cannabinoids. It's recommended that you keep your weed in opaque containers to maintain its longevity. Something like the Malua Concrete Storage Jar would be a fantastic place to start as it's made of concrete and very well insulated.


Simply put, too much Oxygen can cause your Cannabis to deteriorate so it is generally recommended to vacuum seal it if possible. However of course this is not terribly practical so the next best thing is to store in a container with an airtight seal. Plastic containers can cause the weed to 'sweat' thus creating a higher humidity within the container, so where possible make sure to use glass. Check out these glass storage containers from our friends Reggae Roast. 

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