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Vision Seeds is deeply rooted in all aspects of cannabis cultivation from the professional as well as the recreational growers. This meant they were able to keep a close eye on the development of strain genetics, the emergence of feminised seeds and the ever growing popularity of auto-flowering strains from the start.

Using genetics from the best strains around the world, Vision Seeds isolated the most desirable traits in terms of yields, taste, smell, effect, looks, resistance to disease and overall ease of grow. These strains were then crossbred and stabilised which resulted in some of the amazing strains Vision Seeds is now able to offer.

After years of testing their unique strains, Vision Seeds were finally satisfied with their product and in 2010, introduced their feminised seeds to the world at Cannafest.

Since that moment, Vision Seeds has gine from strength to strength and has gained massive popularity in Europe and beyond. Their seeds have all of the best traits of some of the classic strains, whilst also maintaining an originality, thanks to a decade of hard work from the seedbanks’ breeders.

Vision Seeds now offers over twenty unique strains, five of which are auto-flowering. Vision Seeds are now available at Grow Selecta. Boom!

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