How to roll a Joint!

In this handy tutorial we're breaking down how to do one of life's most essential skills, How To Roll A Joint!

A joint is one of the most classic ways to consume Cannabis and it's a fantastic way to really taste your weed and all it's beautiful flavour. Simply put, everyone should learn how to roll a joint! 


You will need;

• Cannabis Flower of your choice

Large Rolling Papers

Herb Grinder 

Roach Material / Thin Card

• 'M' Plate or Crutch

• A pencil / Pen or similar object to pack down the cone after rolling 

Step 1

Get set up on a clean, dry, flat surface, we used the Raw Rolling Tray this time around. Then place your M Plate / Crutch on the tray.

Step 2

Grab your Rolling Papers and place on the M Plate / Crutch. Make sure that the gummy strip is facing up and towards you. 

Step 3

Now we have to sort out the roach, it's easy to make your own, you can use an old gig flyer (make sure it's not coated or laminated) or some plain thin card. However it is perhaps better to use the pre-cut ones, especially if you are a beginner. The ones we used are from RAW, which are pre-cut in the right width, length and thickness. 

Step 4 

Take your roach material and start to carefully roll between your thumb and forefinger to create a spiral shape. Take your time with this, a good roach is is the foundation of a good joint. With practice you can make more intricate shapes with your roach however for the purposes of this tutorial we're sticking with a spiral shape. 

Step 5

Place your roach on top of the rolling paper on the left hand side with a small overhang, we'll explain why later. 

Step 6

Grab your grinder! Let's get busy!! 

Step 7

Simple step this one, place your Herb in the grinder and give it a good ol' mixup! The better you've grinded your herb the easier the roll will be. 

Step 8

Pour out the Cannabis onto the rolling paper as per the pictures above, make sure to do this evenly so that it's more straightforward to roll later on.  

Remember leaving the roach slightly off the rolling paper? Well now it's time to push it so it lines up with the edge of the paper and clear any debris around the roach. 

Step 9

Pick up the joint from the M Plate / Crutch and place the roach end & the open end between your thumb and forefingers on each hand. Also make sure to keep the joint level to avoid spilling any herb. 

Step 12

Roll the joint using both hands and work the cannabis into a round cone-like shape. Best way to do this is to start at the roach end and use your thumb and forefinger on both hands to roll it from left to right whilst maintaining grip on the roach end. Ensure you do this gently to avoid any damage to the rolling paper and prevent spillage. Repeat this step until you have a tapered (slightly smaller at the joint end and bigger at the open end). Try and make sure that there is some uniformity to the joint at this point before continuing. 

Step 13

Take the roach end between your thumb and forefinger and roll the joint to the point where you are able to tuck the rolling paper back underneath itself around the roach. This bit can be quite tricky for beginners so take your time!  

Step 14

Continue tucking the paper around the around the Cannabis, maintaining the seal created from the joint end. Try and make sure you keep it tight so that the joint smokes evenly. 

Step 15

Hopefully by this point you have something like this! We're nearly there! 

Now you need to lick the gummy strip on the far side of the paper, we're going to use that to stick the whole joint together. 

Step 16

Maintain the roll from the roach to the open end, repeating steps 13 & 14 for a final time. Commit to it!!!! 

Step 17

Don't worry we're nearly there! At this point there should be a tight seal around the whole joint, from the roach end to the open end. 

Step 18

Give the joint a few moderate taps on a hard service (roach side down) to make sure everything is packed in properly. If there is any herb debris on your Tray, M Plate / Crutch then now is the time to pop it in the open end at the top. Use your M Plate / Crutch to funnel it in. 

Step 19

Grab a pen or an equally sized object that will fit in the end of the joint. We're going to use this to tightly pack in the herb and get rid of most of the air gaps. 

Be careful here though as we don't want it to be too tightly packed as this will make the joint a real chore to smoke as it won't allow the smoke to flow through. 

Step 20


Right where's my matches?!?







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